California Tactic Patrol, Inc.

Private Security Services

Enforces public offenses such as California Penal Codes, Vehicles Codes, and Municipal Codes.
Enforces private property regulations such as parking enforcement.
Can spend hours on private property to prevent crime.
Has powers to arrest for Misdemeanors and Felonies as well as issue citations for Infractions.

Keeping the information above in mind, we work hand in hand with local law enforcement agencies. Our company is not here to replace law enforcement, but work together towards a common goal of keeping everyone safe.

Dedicated On-Site Security

With ever-rising crime rates across the state of California and not enough funding towards public safety, an on-site, dedicated security officer may be the choice for you. Our security officers are trained by current and former law enforcement and military personnel, ensuring your property will be getting the best of the best security. Our guards will always be professional while providing the best service to our clients. California Tactic Patrol, Inc. offers two forms of dedicated services- armed and unarmed officers.

Daily Activity Reports

During a California Tactic Patrol Officer’s shift, the officer will complete a Daily Activity Report which includes the times the officer was on-site and what they had encountered. The security officer will also note any graffiti or damage in the report so that management can contact the proper department to get the problem resolved. At the end of the security officer’s shift, the report will be entered into our database and forwarded to management upon supervisor approval.

Special Event Security

Our company has years of experience handling special events including weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, and much more. Our officers can arrive before your event begins and verify admission of your guests. Our security officers can also escort guests to and from their vehicles at night to make sure they depart safely from your event. California Tactic Patrol, Inc. requires a minimum of one security officer for every 75 guests.

Parking Enforcement

While on property, our security officers can enforce your management’s parking regulations by issuing citations to vehicles in violation and with management’s approval, tow vehicles. If management approves security to tow vehicles in violation, our security officers will leave a copy of the citation on the vehicle stating the reason for the tow. The towing company will then call the local police department to report the tow as required by California Law and management will receive notification in case the resident comes in contact.  

Monthly Activity Summaries

Does your Home Owner's Association or Property Management company have monthly meetings? California Tactic Patrol, Inc. will automatically put together a monthly summary of what our security officers have been working on. This is ideal so you know exactly what you are paying for.

Eco-Friendly Reporting

California Tactic Patrol is and eco-friendly company by using paperless reporting. Our security officers use 21st century technology that allows them to submit all reports electronically, saving paper and at the same time, being more productive. 

Traffic Control

Does your special event or business bring lots of vehicles? Our company can assign Security Officers to traffic control to help relieve congested areas on your property. Security Officers will be wearing high-visibility reflective vests so vehicles know where to look for parking. 

Random Patrol Service

With our random patrol service, your property can receive the attention it needs at a low cost. This option is perfect for everything from business parks to residential neighborhoods. Our random patrol service has a uniformed security officer on your property to deter crime and report suspicious activity.